The Boy Behind The Bot

California born designer with a passion for design, music, film, and anything else that could be created to make impact – I decided to pursue a career in the visual arts. Since a young age, I was always fascinated by technology. Video games, cell phones, cars. Anything that was cool and made me feel like I was ahead of the time. When I reached the age of getting to college, I left my good ole town of Bakersfield, CA and set off for San Diego. There I studied graphic design and got my bachelor of science degree.


It was there and then I started FlyBot.


FlyBot is basically a new and unique way for me to show my creative outlet. I can collaborate with others, make stuff of my own, do work for clients, and more importantly, show my work to the world. I realized that creativity doesn’t always come from one person, it can come from something much bigger than that. FlyBot allows me to be much bigger than just my own ideas and it takes my creative expression to another level.


It’s been a interesting journey and I can’t wait to keep adventuring. Thanks for coming along!


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